$50 Month - Getting into the cadence

You know you're ready to start moving. You want to commit. Together we will set the plan that works for you. Maybe pick a goal run. Maybe not. It's a plan for you and no one else. 

Monthly coaching

8 weeks to get moving

$88 - 8 Weeks to GET MOVING!

Maybe you're new to exercising, aren't sure you want to commit, don't know where to start. 8 Weeks to Get Moving is for you! An 8 week program, customized to meet you where you are with your walking/running skill set. 

You bring your commitment, and I'll meet you at your pace!

8 MOre weeks to a 5k!

 $88 - 8 More Weeks to a 5k!

You've committed to 8 weeks already, what's 8 more weeks!? Let's get you to finish your first race! In almost every large metropolitan city, there's a local 5k (3.1 miles). This is an add on to 8 Weeks to Get Moving, to ensure you finish that 5k and you get a bright shiny medal, donut, t-shirt, drink, or whatever they are giving finishers. If I can, I'll run with you, or be there for you at the finish, cheering you on! If you've never crossed a finish line, let's get you there!