$50 Month - Getting into the cadence

You know you're ready to start moving. You want to commit. Together we will set the plan that works for you. Maybe pick a goal run. Maybe not. It's a plan for you and no one else. 

Monthly coaching

8 weeks to get moving

$88 - 8 Weeks to GET MOVING!

Maybe you're new to exercising, aren't sure you want to commit, don't know where to start. 8 Weeks to Get Moving is for you! An 8 week program, customized to meet you where you are with your walking/running skill set. 

You bring your commitment, and I'll meet you at your pace!

8 MOre weeks to a 5k!

 $88 - 8 More Weeks to a 5k!

You've committed to 8 weeks already, what's 8 more weeks!? Let's get you to finish your first race! In almost every large metropolitan city, there's a local 5k (3.1 miles). This is an add on to 8 Weeks to Get Moving, to ensure you finish that 5k and you get a bright shiny medal, donut, t-shirt, drink, or whatever they are giving finishers. If I can, I'll run with you, or be there for you at the finish, cheering you on! If you've never crossed a finish line, let's get you there!

$176 - 16 Weeks to a 5k

You're ready to commit! You have a race picked out and you want to go for it! 16 Weeks to a 5k is a customized plan, to match with your training style and desires. This isn't a stock training plan, this is built for you, with you in mind.

16 weeks to a 5k

$176 - 16 Weeks to a 10k

Ready to push yourself farther? Maybe you've done a 5k and a have a taste for the glory that is finishing a local race, so you want to try a bit longer. This will get you there. Customized to match your needs.  

16 weeks to a 10k

$220 - 20 Weeks to a 1/2 Marathon

Big steps deserves big support! I've got you covered for this one! You've made the big commitment, put down the money, now it's time to have a plan. Flexible and customized for your abilities. You'll get there!

20 weeks to a 1/2 marathon

$264 - 24 Weeks to a Full Marathon

Go big or go home! Perhaps one of my favorite mottos, and you've embraced it as well. It takes time, it takes commitment, it takes planning, it takes support! That's why I'm here. 

24 weeks to full marathon