$50 per month

Maintain fitness between races/fun runs, and get ready to peak for what you have planned. You are the athlete you think you are, and this will ensure you meet all of your goals. 

Monthly coaching

$176 - 16 Weeks to a 1/2 Marathon

Bring it! My favorite distance! If this is your first, you'll learn quickly why this is the #1 favored distance of runners. Hard enough that you can't just waltz into it, and so satisfying when you're done!

16 weeks to a 1/2 marathon

$176 - $264 - 16 to 24 Weeks to a Full Marathon

Structured to meet you where you are. Regardless, you're going to need to commit. This is the big time. Commit the time and energy, and the reward is huge. You'll be able to call yourself a marathoner. 

16 - 24 weeks to a full marathon